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From: Palet February/March 2004

First price: Dick Plat Leeuwarden

Brenda"The Leeuwarden painter Dick Plat has been awarded the first prize in a national portrait - and model competition  organised by the Arts magazine 'Palet'. Plat won the prize with the watercolor 'Brenda' .The jury, unanimously was of the opinion that the painting was well worked through, but does not give a muddy impression. The prizewinning piece has been published in the February - March issue of 'Palet'. Apart from portraits, the painter produces a lot of still lives and architecture."

From: Palet & tekenstift June/July  1998
Third price: Dick Plat Leeuwarden

winning moveA perfectly elaborated water-colour with a traditional atmosphere.
This is especially caused by the chess-board. 
The combination of objects has something original: The still life of the smoker. Well-considered, and painted with a competent hand, we  see a work, in which some light effects have not been left out, but have been put on with gouache: the white spots at the the side of the bottle and the reflections
in the wine glass.
Good  enough  for the third prize